About Me

My Philosophy

My role is to help provide my clients (individuals in my clinic, organisations and corporates) with the very best science and evidenced- based, personalised and practical solutions, so that they can build their wellness on a solid foundation of nutritional awareness, emotional health and empowerment.

I am passionate about helping clients to see they have their own solutions within. Self-knowledge, conscious awareness, commitment to self-discipline, resilience, internal coaching can be developed. Practice a new habit enough and it becomes permanent. But people need support. That’s where I come in.

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I am committed to protecting the security of your data. I do not require you to provide personal information unless you wish to avail of features or services on this website (such as booking a talk). Where you do send me data it will be used for the stated purpose and any other reasonable purposes only. I do not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties for purposes of allowing them to market products and services to you. For more on Privacy and Data protection, click here.