Blog – by Paula Mee, Consultant Dietitian

Family members, friends, clients and patients regularly share their experiences of meal-times, with ‘us’ dietitians. Some of what they go through is far from pleasurable. More like pure misery. People with gut disorder can be constantly edgy about what they

Why you eat is just as important as what you eat.  I’ve started asking the why question earlier in consultations now. It offers a glimpse into a client’s internal environment. What is going on in the mind has a knock-on effect on

This week I met 4000 young Transition Students at the inaugural ‘HealthFest 2016.’  Organised by the National Dairy Council and Safefood, the event has been developed to provide knowledge and motivation for Transition Year students about healthy eating and physical

I’m taking some MENO-LEAVE at the moment.

It’s a makey-up word but so what! It’s just one day (Monday) each week OFF until the end of September this year! I’m so excited about this. It dawned on me after a 3