Food Industry Services

New product development options

  • Provision of product S.W.O.T. analysis from the diet and nutrition perspective.

Assistance with food product redesign.

  • Advice on functional foods and ingredients.
  • Advice on product labelling, regulations and legal obligations.

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Catering focus

  • Recipe analysis for staff restaurants and recommendations to improve existing recipes.
  • Full menu analysis with a breakdown of calories, fat, protein etc.
  • Assistance with the organisation of healthy eating weeks/months in workplaces.
  • Menu composition and development to cater for various nutritional concerns, for example, vegetarian diets, coeliac diets, heart healthy menus, diabetic diets, lactose and wheat intolerances and coping with food allergies.

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Marketing and Communications

  • Health and nutrition content and advice for company websites, newsletters, brochures etc.
  • Provision of recipes for staff intranet.
  • Nutrition and Health staff training.

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