The workplace directly influences the physical, mental, economic and social well-being of workers and in turn the health of their families, communities and society. It offers an ideal setting and infrastructure to support the promotion of wellness to a significant number of people.

Paula Mee Nutrition provides a range of nutrition consultancy services to the corporate market.  These services are tailor made to suit individual client requirements. A sample of the type of corporate services provided can be summarised as follows:

  1. Live health and wellbeing power-point presentations.  For a list of presentations click here.
  2. Webex presentations.
  3. On-site or off-site facilitated health and nutrition workshops.
  4. Individual body composition analysis using -medically approved bioelectrical impedance scales.  To read more about body composition analysis click here.
  5. Cookery and nutrition demonstrations.

Here is a sample list of current clients and some past corporates I have worked with, click here.

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