Health and Wellbeing Power-Point Workplace Presentations

I am a state registered dietitian with a track record in wellness in the workplace. I shape nutrition and wellness programmes for corporates. Clients include Bank of Ireland, Bank of America, Mylan, Norton IVAX Pharma, A Menarini, Unilever, Arnotts, Total Produce, NDC, Bord Bia amongst others.

Most of my working week is spent in the workplace. Employees can be seen on a one-to-one basis. Sometimes the company will schedule 25 people for fifteen minutes each, over one day or occasionally ½ to 1 hour appointments are assigned to individuals involved in special wellness programmes or who win competition prizes.

I also give group talks, workshops or demos in the workplace too. I either integrate with existing wellness programmes you may have running or I build one specifically for your needs from scratch.

I am passionate about helping people create a pattern of eating that they can sustain and enjoy for life. Importantly, I am a state registered dietitian. Unfortunately there is an increase in the number of poorly qualified and self-appointed gurus in the wellness arena.

CORU, the state registration body, has recently been established to protect the public by promoting high standards of professional conduct, education, training and competence through statutory registration of health and social care professionals. I have full professional indemnity and the appropriate qualifications to give dietary and health advice in the workplace.

If you are interested in a particular talk, workshop or package for your employees, I can tailor one to your needs.  Please ring  087 2663408 or email me at

Below is a sample of the presentations and workshops I provide:

Work Life Nutrition Balance Group Presentations

Topics for presentations in the workplace can include any of the following list below, but presentation ideas can also be developed to cater for your company’s individual needs.

Presentations can vary – they can comprise of a 30 minute powerpoint plus a 30 min Q&A to 45 min presentation with a 15 min Q&A. Basically they can be as long or as short as you need.

Popular Topics include: flourishing 

  • Your Body composition – Focus on Health, not Thinness? (Your weight in kilos is irrelevant; your health is dependent on your body composition).
  • Plant based diets and the rise of Vegetarianism. Just how healthful is it for our bodies and our planet?
  • Mediterranean Mood Food ; What to eat to help beat depression and live a longer healthier life (based on my latest book April 2019)
  • Carbohydrates, fats and proteins: what’s on your plate? What should you focus on? (Introduction to combining the right amount of macro-nutrients for health).
  • That Gut Feeling. All things digestive and how to keep in good gut health (based on my book Gut Feeling 2017)
  • Your Middle Years. Own them, live them, love them (based on my book Your Middle Years; Own them, Love them, Live them!)
  • Energy boosters and energy robbers (The many dietary and other factors that impact our ability to live our lives to the full).
  • Shaping your brain with nutrition. Fuel for mental health. Mood Foods!
  • Feeding your family (Covers healthful children’s and family eating habits and challenges like faddy eaters).
  • Small changes, Big impact. The importance of building and breaking dietary habits.
  • Eating well in an office environment talk or demo of easy lunch ideas made in front of you.
  • Fuel for sport and performance.
  • Setting the table for heart health(dietary approaches to lower cholesterol, BP, Triglycerides)
  • 10 simple steps to more Mindful Eating
  • Making changes – strategies, tools and resources
  • Nutrition for people with diabetes, coeliac and GI disorders FODMAPs
  • Sports nutrition for the beginner and elite athlete
  • Vegetarian Flexitarian Eating
  • Bone health and nutrition
  • Understanding food labels
  • Men’s health and nutrition issues
  • Women’s health and nutrition issues


50 min presentation plus 20 min Q&A is 500 euro, depending on location and travel time.

If more than five talks are required over the wellness event or year, a discount can be discussed.