Your Middle Years has chapters on food, weight, beauty, sex, sleep, exercise, emotional health and more. My hope is that it will empower women before and during the menopause, helping them to anticipate and manage the changes.


Your Middle Years will:


  1. help you anticipate the natural, physiologic and metabolic changes you will go through.
  2. offer advice and useful solutions to help you feel strong, vibrant and very much in control of the transition.
  3. explain body fat redistribution and how to manage weight at this time. The book contains a sample 1500kcal meal plan and nutritious recipes especially for immune health.
  4. guide you through foods to help keep your bones strong and your heart healthy.
  5. provide additional advice from renowned health experts (including a leading dermatologist, mindfulness expert and sexologist amongst others).
  6. give straightforward advice and practical answers to common symptoms and problems, like night sweats and hot flushes.


Your Middle Years is published by Gill Books and is available on Amazon or in our online shop from Friday 11th March, priced at €25.00 or you can pick one up in any book store for €17.00