Talks for Students

The minimum length of a school session is 2.5 hrs. The fee is €450.

Shorter visits are not possible.   During this time three forty-five mins’ talks are possible or two longer workshops depending on the school’s needs. I can speak to a large number of supervised students in an assembly room, however two or three smaller groups of students over the session works much better in terms of interaction and take home messages.

  • Brain food.
  • Fuel for sport and performance.
  • Student survival guide – top tips for healthy eating.

Once I receive your email, I will have your details and contact you as soon as possible.

Please answer the following questions in your email.

  1. What number of talks would work best for the school in a 2.5 hr session?
  2. Where will the talk/workshop take place e.g. school hall, gym, classroom?
  3. Is there a laptop and projector facility available to run PowerPoint presentations?
  4. Is there a particular nutrition topic or theme you want covered?
  5. Any issues I should be aware of?

Please email or contact 087 2663408