Transition Year Module

Transition year offers pupils space to learn, mature and develop in the absence of examination pressure. Pupils entering the Leaving Certificate programme on completion of a transition year should be better equipped and more disposed to study than their counterparts who did not have the benefit of this year. Good nutritional practices can help concentration levels in the classroom, but will also help support productive study performance in exams.

Transition year is the ideal time to invite speakers into your school and arrange presentations on various aspects of health and wellbeing to increase the capacity of pupils to attain their full physical, psychological and social health potential. A nutrition workshop could be run in conjunction with the Home Economics teacher or Physical Education teacher to incorporate the importance of exercise and discuss healthy recipes and methods of cooking.

Once I receive your contact form, I will have your details and contact you as soon as possible.

Please consider the following questions before our telephone conversation.

  1. What number of talks would work best for the school in a 2.5 hr session?
  2. Where will the talk/workshop take place e.g. school hall, gym, classroom?
  3. Is there a laptop and projector facility available to run PowerPoint presentations?
  4. Is there a particular nutrition topic or theme you want covered?
  5. Any issues I should be aware of?

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