No More Diets – One Day Workshop

Community groups or Corporates can host a 1-day workshop (cost €750.00). It is primarily hosted by Paula Mee, with a relevant guest speaker. Maximum of 20 people guarantees optimum engagement and interaction.

Workshop Schedule:

  • 9.30-10am: registration
  • 10-12.30pm: Health at any size; challenging beliefs around eating and activity; measuring success apart from scales; distinguishing stomach hunger from mind hunger.
  • 12:30-1pm: Lunch (not included in price)
  • 1-3.30pm: Ditching the all-or-nothing mentality; finding the balance; focusing on nourishment, not punishment; practicing conscious & mindful eating; dealing with sabotage & set-backs; planning to go forward.

This programme takes the focus off diets and food plans. Instead it helps people address the habits, emotions and situations that lead to unhealthy eating.

Contact for more information.