Sadly, Paula Mee passed away in December 2022 after a short illness.

If you would like to share your sentiments with her family and friends, or leave a private message of condolence, you can find Paula’s death notice here, and her obituary here.

Thank you.

Welcome to Paula Mee

Nutrition Consultant, Author, Lecturer

Plant-based fibre-rich sustainable meals promote a well-balanced gut microbiome, prevent dysbiosis, support a healthy immune system, efficient metabolism, and mental wellness.

  • Mind your gut health. It impacts your metabolism, your weight control and your immune health.
  • Mind your immune health, it impacts your resilience to fight infections and your mental health.
  • Mind your mental health, it impacts your quality of life and your food choices.
  • Mind your food choices, they impact your gut health….

One can not think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well!

Virginia Woolf

Itʻs well established that our sleep pattern, our mind control and stress management, our alcohol consumption and activity regimes all shape us mentally and physically. And ʻwhat we eat” is another fundamental pillar of health. And itʻs intertwined with ʻhow we eatʻ and even ʻwhen we eatʻ. As research findings unfold, we understand the pressing need to focus more; on less-processed whole foods; healthy patterns of eating not individual nutrients; and time restricted eating as opposed to constant snacking.

It’s an on-going challenge to balance long working hours with less time preparing family meals or in activity. Sometimes the price is an ultra-processed diet, fatigue, an unsupported immune system and an increased risk of disease.

One in two Irish people are now classified as overweight or obese. Many of us over the age of fifty have high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Others have iron and B12 related anaemias, osteoporosis. Poor gut health, dysbiosis, systemic low-grade chronic inflammation, cancer, anxiety, and depression and many more diet related conditions are commonplace today.

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