Corporate Health and Nutrition Education during Covid 19

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We have all made big changes to our working lives in the face of COVID19. And it’s no wonder that many are thinking about what the future will look like. Already some are anxious about how they will keep safe, return to work, take public transport and socialise in the coming months.

Imparting practical nutrition advice for those working from home, attending educational institutions, or travelling will be important in the future mix.

Our changing habits during lockdown can either positively or negatively affect our health.

Practice a habit often enough and it becomes permanent. The Covid 19 pandemic is an opportunity for your corporate support; to be a part of the necessary change in individuals, families and communities and our relationship with food. We can reset the ground rules and help support employees with the stresses and strains of working from home.

Online ONE TO ONEs with your employees

Employees’ access to their normal support networks have changed since lockdown. Some people are finding their anxiety difficult to deal with in isolation. Booking a short 1-to-1 consultation can offer clarity and direction when dealing with dietary issues; such as fussy children refusing food, limited cooking skills, emotional eating, managing weight gain or loss, irritable bowel symptoms, heartburn, restrictive dieting, managing high blood pressure or high cholesterol, setting personal health goals around food/alcohol/exercise.

Online GROUP TALKS and Q&As

Can be tailored to your employees requirements. People may want some reassurance or help figuring out ‘how to eat’ in order to:

  • Support a more resilient immune system
  • Decrease anxiety levels and improve their mental health
  • Manage healthy meals with limited ingredients on hand
  • Cook when many are not very skilled or experienced
  • Optimise energy boosters and robbers

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