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Why book a virtual consultation with me?

I won’t promise to make you thin! I’ve seen too many slaves to the diet culture. Too many young people entrapped in the belief they are not enough; not disciplined enough, not restrictive enough, not motivated enough, not thin enough.

Instead our work together will help you understand YOU and how the food you eat can affect you positively or negatively, mentally, and physically. If you are interested in the science and evidenced-based approaches to weight management and its associated conditions, we can study them.

We can discuss health at any size, mindful eating and how to change your behaviour, your gut health and microbiome, time restrictive eating, popular weight loss approaches and your relationship with food.

I aim to make our consultations empowering and insightful. I focus on a wholefood plant-based sustainable way of eating delicious foods, in easy recipes.
It is not about the pursuit of thinness, it’s about the pursuit of a healthier body composition. It’s about the pursuit of wellness, enough-ness, acceptance and simply feeling comfortable in your own skin.

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